Tuesday, 4 June 2013


VEMBNAD LAKE - State: Kerala. Information: Large sized lagoons of Kerala, have fertile alluvial islands, 63 km in length.
KAYALS - State: Kerala. Information: Popularly called back water in Kerala. A chain of lakes which are connected with each other y canal. Peaty soils of backwaters are called Kari in Kerala.
CHILKA LAKE - Maximum length -64km., Maximum breadth- 20km., Average width -150km., State: Orissa. Information: Situated to the south west of the Mahanadi Delta. Enclosed by the sand pit, has an opening which permits sea connection. Largest brackish water lake in Asia.
WULAR LAKE: -State: Jammu and Kashmir.Information: Largest fresh water lake of India
KOLLERU LAKE: - State: Andhra Pradesh. Information: A part of the sea enclosed between the deltas of Godavari and the Mahanadi and has a number of islands in it.
PULICAT LAKE: - State: Andhra Pradesh. Information: Situated on the southern border of Andhra Pradesh. Lagoon formed due to enclosure by sand bar.

JAISAMAND LAKE:- State: Rajasthan, Information: Largest fresh water lake of Rajasthan
NAKKI LAKE:- State: Rajasthan. Information: A small natural lake near Mt. Abu surrounded by hills important as tourist place.
LOKTAK LAKE:- State: Manipur. Information: Site hydroelectricity power generation an example of centripetal drainage.
SAMBHAR LAKE - State: Rajasthan. Information: Largest Lake of Rajasthan lies on the border of Jaipur and Nagaur District. Sodium chloride (common salt) and sodium sulphate are produced mainly by the Hindustan Salt Ltd.
DEEDWANA LAKE- State: Rajasthan. Information: Situated near Deedwana Town of Nagaur District.

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