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Dance nation and the world

Scottish Country Dancing :
Scottish Country Dancing is Scotland’s version of social partner dancing. It’s always danced in groups, in much the same way as courtly dancing or square dancing. Many Scots will know enough to get up and join in one or two dances. They're often danced at social events (even at the pub!), whereas only trained dancers would attempt Highland Dancing. Scottish Country Dancing is an ideal hobby, because it’s good exercise as well as being very social. You don't need a partner because you're dancing in a group and will be paired up for each dance. Even if you do have a partner, you have to cooperate with other couples in the dance, which is a great ice-breaker.  Scottish Country Dancing keeps you on your toes!
Danced properly, Scottish Country Dancing is energetic - while in motion, the dancers are up on their toes at all times, skipping and hopping in a variety of bouncy steps. It's definitely cardiovascular exercise! Fortunately, there are plenty of …