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BGRI 2012 Technical Workshop in Beijing

A panel of world wheat relative importance of wheat farmers, lack of production, wheat diseases, disease management decisions they make about their awareness about the matter, and some of the successes They rust-resistant wheat varieties introduced by newly BGRI used. Ms. Makada Mohammed from Ethiopia, Syria, Mr. Ammar Martini, China Mingshui Mr. Huang and Mr. Gurjit value from Sirsa, India will share their experiences and answer questions. Session moderator Amor Yahyaoui CIMMYT Mexico also "challenged by war," BGRI video will premiere a new farmer.
The main objective is to organize the world's BGRI wheat rusts (yellow, brown and black Hindi Peela Ratua, Bhuraa Ratua Ratua rusts and black) in order to minimize the risk to advocate and facilitate the development of a sustainable international system are at risk for corrosion posed by. BGRI of wheat rusts a focused resource for scientists and policy makers.