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Conditions Required
Kharif crop of tropical and subtropical areas.
Temperature : 21o - 30o C but not below 21o C.
210 frost free days.
Rainfall: 50 – 100cm or irrigation facility.
Soil: Deep black soil (regur), even grows in alluvial soils and laterite soils.
Distribution ( In order of Production) 1. Punjab 2. Maharashtra 3. Gujarat 4. Haryana 5. Andhra Pradesh 6. Rajasthan 7. Karnataka 8. Tamil Nadu 9. Madhya Pradesh

Condition Required
Second important fibre crop of India, crop of hot and humid climate.
Temperature: 24o - 35o C
Rainfall: heavy rainfall of 120 – 150 cm with 80 – 90 percent of relative humidity.
Soil: light sandy or clayey loams.
Distribution ( In order of Production) 1. West Bengal (70 percent of the production, over 60 percent of the area) 2. Bihar 3. Assam 4. Orissa

Temperature: 21o - 27o C
Rainfall: 70 – 150 cm or irrigation facilities with high humidity.
Soil: tolerate any type of soil that can retain moisture.
Distribution (In order of Production) 1. Uttar Pradesh 2. Maharashtra 3. Tamil Nadu (highest yield/hectare)
4. Karnataka  5. Andhra Pradesh 6. Gujarat 7. Bihar 8. Haryana 9. Punjab 10. Orissa

Condition Required
Plant of tropical and subtropical climates and frost is harmful
Temperature: 16o - 35o C
Rainfall: 50 – 100 cm or irrigation facilities
Soil: Well- drained friable loam
Distribution (In order of Production)
1. Gujarat (90 percent of Tobacco from Vadodara and Kheda districts).
2. Andhra Pradesh (West and East Godavari, Prakasham, Kurnool and Nellore
are the main producing districts) Other areas of minor production (a) Uttar
Pradesh (b) Karnataka (c) West Bengal.

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